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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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because 4 spill gates were opened then. with many of them still rebuilding and still living outside their destroyed homes in campers like the one behind me you can bet they're watching the situation with the lake and the lower saluda river very closely. obviously, there's been buckets upon buckets of rain over the past few days, weeks, and months. all of that water has to go somewhere, and naturally, a lot of it has ended up in lake murray. the electric and gas utility says the lake can't exceed its licensed operating level of 360 feet, which right now, it's about two feet shy of. that's why the company is taking some action. sce&g says it's trying to get out ahead of more potential rain in the coming days. the company will begin opening one spill gate overnight at the saluda hydro
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sce&g has notified emergency officials and will begin opening the gate at 4 a.m. releasing up to an additional 18,000 cubic feet per second into the lower saluda river. if my math is correct, that's about an olympic- sized swimming pool every five seconds or so. sce&g says it will continue to monitor lake levels to determine if additional actions will be necessary over the next 48 hours. meanwhile, flood victims in pine glen tell me they're worried. "we were notified because you showed up at our door and let us know that, you know, they were going to be opening the flood gate at four in the morning. my mother and i, right now, are, you know, staying inside of a little camper here. it's up on cinderblocks, so, you know, we're not exactly in a safe place. we don't feel as if we're prepared at this point."
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to facebook and twitter, but the neighbors i talked to say they hadn't been checking social media. the utility says, nevertheless, homes along the lower saluda shouldn't be affected like they were in october. i also spoke with the lexington county sheriff's department tonight. it too is monitoring the situation. of course, neighbors here are praying that the release of water won't amount to anything. live in lexington county, chad mills, wis news 10. let's get a check on the overnight conditions out there. meteorologist ben tanner has an update in the weather center... the flood watch remains in
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morning with several strong storms and the possibility of flash flooding throughout the midlands. on thursday the rain chance falls to 50% during the day and then down to 30% that night. high: 70 new year's day will be mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and partly cloudy. the continued rain has forced state transportation officials to close more than a
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south carolina. tonight, the department of transportation says 29 roads were closed in 12 counties because of flooding or damage from the most recent rainfall. scdot says crews will be out repairing those roads as soon as the weather settles. meanwhile, they say drivers should continue to use caution while traveling. columbia officials are also blaming the rain for sewage overflows affecting several neighborhoods. one happened near the glenridge and lost creek drive neighborhoods tonight at
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which is off broad river road. another was in the 5000 block of you can call the city if you have any questions about the overflow at 545-3300. presidential candidate and former florida governor jeb bush says his campaign in south carolina is becoming more efficient, not running into trouble. tonight, bush spoke to supporters at hudson's smokehouse in lexington. today, his campaign touched off questions about its health when it cancelled plans to buy 2 million dollars in tv ads in south carolina. but bush and his campaign managers say his super pac "right to rise" is already planning to buy tv ads so the campaign will concentrate on radio ads on christian radio stations, mail advertising and phone campaigning. the campaign also plans to triple its staff in south carolina to reach people one on one. "it is a different year, but i
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the election, people are going to want to know who'll be sitting behind the big desk. first thing, who can beat hillary clinton? the frontrunning candidate for president in our party does the worst against hillary clinton. and for good reason, he's not a serious candidate. he has a broad appeal, but it may not be as deep as people imagine. so we're going to put together a ground game if you will in iowa and new hampshire and here in south carolina that i think will be second to none." bush plans to be back in columbia next saturday. bush says his new years's resolution is "to win it." the usc men's basketball team will head into the new year undefeated. totoght, the gamecocks hosted francis marion at colonial life arena. forward chris silva led the gamecocks in scoring by putting up a season- high 13 points and 6 rebounds. usc pulls away wiwi a 78 to 56 win over the patriots tonight. the gamecocks keep their
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improve to 12 and oh. they face memphis next at home on saturday. clemson's hope of a national championship title is just two games away--they'll face oklahoma in the first round of the college football playoffs tomorrow. rick henry spoke to some fired-up fans thanks, rick. live coverage leading up to the orange bowl continues tomorrow right here on
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the wave of wild weather is turning into devastating floods up next, we'll see where the water is sweeping away roads, cars and homes and the danger's not over yet. and disaster left him unable to walk, but with two local nonprofits have been
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october's flood. betty shelton's house i ione of the houses being remediated during the three-day "rebuild together" event. it's a partnership beween the st bernard project and homeworks, funded by large
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united way of the midlands and mungo homes. mold is one of the biggest issues betty says she has had to deal with since her garage completely flooded. "down in my garage it was like 5-6 feet of water inside the house, the walls have been sweating, mold mildew, everywhere in the floors, ceilings on the chairs, cabinets." with continuous funding, the group says they could have people back in their homes in just a couple of months. looking ahead to columbia's new year's eve bash-- today the final preparations for tomorrow's famously hot new year along main street leading up to the state house. grammy award winning artist lauryn hill will take the stage along with several other groups performing downtown. general admission is free. mayor steve benjamin says the event helps the city each with with economic development. he says anyone coming can bring food donations for flood victims. meanwhile, in the nation's largest city--authorities
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new year's eve celebration in times square. officials say there is no credible evidence of an imminent terror attack--but as brian mooar reports, tight security will be in place. high above new york's times square ... one last check of the famous ball that will drop to herald the new year. police on the ground face a tougher test - in a city that's been a terror target since nine-eleven. sot: bill bratton, police commissioner :17-:23 "we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis. it's change significantly from what it was a year ago or two years ago." security will be tight from midtown manhattan ... to pasadena, california, which is preparing for the tournament of the same in berlin ... ich hosts one of the europe's biggest open- air parties. and paris - where terror struck six weeks ago; patrols stepped up in places where the masses will gather on new year's eve. the mayor of brussels canceled his city's fireworks after two people were arrested in a terror plot. and officials in turkey say they arrested two
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suicide vests they planned to use in that country's capital. this month's attack in san bernardino was a grim reminder terror can strike anywhere. sot: shawn henry, former assistant fbi director 1:05-1:10 "director comey from the fbi said there are investigations in all 50 states for jihadi inspired radicals." but that won't stop thehe celebration. sot: stacie varley / pennsylvania 1:12--1:16 "no, you can't worry about it all the time or you wouldn't go out and enjoy yourself." optimism ... tempered with vigilance ... as a new year approaches. audio outcue: "brian mooar, nbc news, washington." the state of missouri is in a state of disaster tonight as people continue to deal with historic flooding that's been going on since last weekend. bridges and highway overpasses are now under water in the town of valley park just outside of saint louis. 12 of 14 reported deaths related to teh flood were caused by high water sweeping away cars and other vehicles, according to state officials. governor jay nixon has declared a state of emergency and
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guard to help with evacuations. "this is going to be awhile, you dont have this much water over a place with population and business and a lot of public assets, and the water goes down it's not over." today, the governor r ured flooded areas near saint louis. the u.s. army corps of engineers are closely monitoring 19 levees deemed highly vulnerable--bus so far all are holding up. right now there's no additional rain forecasted
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later,
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and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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morning with several strong storms and the possibility of flash flooding throughout the midlands. on thursday the rain chance falls to 50% during the day and then down to 30% that night. high: 70 new year's day will be mostly cldy with only a slight chance of showers and a touch cooler temperatures. high:60. the first weekend in january will be dry and
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on the 10th anniversary of the car accident that
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taking new steps today he received his own special device to help him walk once again. and as liza lucas reports, he hopes it will let him one day participate in the 2016 cooper river bridge run. ten years confined to a wheelchair. now walking toward his 2016 goal. this 29 year old plans to be t t first paralyzed man to walk the cooper river bridge run--with the help of a robotic exoskeleton system--
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crutches, and then i kinda do a weight shift with my abs and my hips..and then the motor kicks in." adam's been training for months with roper hospital's exoskeleton. today he's trying out his own-he's the first person in south carolina to have a rewalk exoskeleton system. "i grew up playing basketball and track and cross country at wando high school. my body defined who i was. i was an athlete. so the second i stood up--i do feel more secure." "patients will tell you, one of the best things about the device is looking people in the eye for the first time since their injury. which is huge." adam hopes his journey toward the cooper river bridge race will help "bridge the gap" for others-- "i want to create a safe environment for people with disabilities and their friends and family--" he also looks forward to life outside of his wheelchair "i want to travel, do things in my exoskeleton, bungee jump, skydive...or just small things, like hug a girl." he'll need more training before he can take the exoskeleton home--or join the 10k--but today, being up and movovg is reason to smile-- "even if i don't complete the
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celebration. i have my whole life to complete the bridge. i'm going to be training hard. i feel like an able-bodied athlete again." that's liza lucas reporting. to help pay fororis "rewalk" system, adam reporting. to help pay for his "rewalk" system, adam set up a crowdfunding campaign on his website "i got legs." he hopes to be at the cooper river bridge run which is on april 2nd. after the break, we'll go back out to miami--where the college football playoffs loom for the tigers. sports is next.
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renfrow has made plays on the field. i don't think we have anybody leggett has made plays down the field. we don't have anybody on our roster that we've been playing that haven't made plays. oklahoma's well aware of clemson's fire power on offense. defensively, there's player they're keeping an eye out for too... in shaq lawson... the nation's leader in tackles for a loss. stoops: if you're late off the ball or if you take a poor step, he's going to beat you. he's just got excellent power to go with quickness and speed. you know, he plays with great technique. lawson was part of the tigers team that demolished okalhoma in last year's russell athletic bowl.
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orange bowl earns clemson a spot in the national title game. so one reporter asked dabo if he's using any jedi mind tricks on his players to help duplicate what it did in the sunshine state last season.
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